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Over 4,000 Liners Sprayed!
No One Sprays More Liners in Southern New England Than Tasca Liners.


Installed by Tasca Automotive Group, Ultimate Bed Liner provides the most durable, long-lasting, spray-on bed liner on the market.


Ultimate Bed Liners is specifically designed to protect metal and aluminum surfaces from impact, abrasion, and corrosion with a tough, abrasive-resistant hard coating.


All Ultimate Bed Liners installed by Tasca are guaranteed with a limited lifetime Tasca warranty to the original owner.


  • Lifetime, Original Owner Warranty
  • Same Day Installation
  • OEM Brand
  • Call (401) 681-1296 for Utility Body Pricing


  • (401) 681-1296

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What is the material?

We use only the highest quality, polyurea/polyurethane hybrid materials. Our unique chemical formulation combines the right mix of toughness, strength, flexibility, abrasion and cut resistance even in hot weather adding up to the best, most attractive protection available for your valued truck.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

Generally the entire bed liner process from start to finish will take about 5 hours. Always same day.

How long does it take for the material to dry?

Our durable liner is sprayed on hot and sets in less than 5 seconds – forming an air and watertight layer of protection between the elements and the truck bed to permanently prevent rust and corrosion. There is however, a 24 hour cure period, we advise not to throw anything very heavy into the bed until the cure process is complete, otherwise the vehicle can be driven, cleaned ect.

How long is the Warranty?

Lifetime, Original owner.

How is it applied?

The process begins with taping and covering the truck cab and bed, wire tape is applied for precise edging, the clear coat on the bed is then scuffed up, and is cleaned with acetone. The truck is then sprayed with the bed liner material, tape is removed and vehicle is ready to go out on the road!

Are there different colors available?

We currently stock Black, and Dolphin Grey, but other colors are available.

Will it peel off?

The truck bed is carefully prepped to prevent peeling, The bed is scuffed and cleaned properly to insure the material will adhere to the surface of the bed.

Do you only spray in bed liners on pickup trucks?

No, We also do spray in liners on Utility Body trucks, Inside of Transit will help! (Pricing may vary)

I have a used truck, will Tasca still provide a warranty on the bed liner?

Yes, we are one of the only shops that will provide a lifetime warranty on the bed liner, used or new.

What is the difference between Tasca liners, and rhino liners or LineX?

Our bed liner material is OEM brand, Ford and GMC. It is more durable, longer lasting, resistant, and better looking! The pictures above prove it!

Does the material fade?

Unlike other spray in bed liners, our material is guaranteed to never fade, keeping a nice appearance for the lifetime of the truck bed, It uses a very heavy loading of high-grade pigment, giving it a rich black color that resists chalking longer than any other black bed liner we know of.

How does the material hold up in extreme temperatures?

Our material will not warp, crack, peel or split because of weather or other environmental factors. Our material has been tested in such diverse climates as the cold of the Canadian north to the intense heat and humidity of the southern coast of Louisiana.

How much material is sprayed on the truck?

Spraying a bed liner requires 3–5 gallons of material, depending on the size of the truck bed and if over-rail protection is applied.